A Typical Day at The Kids Corner

We provide child care Monday through Friday every week except for the days which we are closed, which would be most of your major holidays.


A daily schedule gives children the stability and security they need early on in life. That's why we strive to provide a stable framework that adds structure to our daily lives but also leaves plenty of room for spontaneous and additional activities. 

Overview of the daily routine

6:45 - 8 Welcome Children- Free Play
8 - 9 Those children who arrive between these times will be offered breakfast./Free Play
9 - 9:45 Circle Time- Talk with children about their weekend or evening. Sing morning songs, discuss theme for the day. Read story related to days activities. Discuss where the children would like to work during Center time. Explain what they will be doing during their small group activity time.

9:45 - 10:30

Small Group/ Centers- The children will have the opportunity to particpate in all the activities on a rotating basis. A small group of children will choose which center they would like to begin their work. Areas to choose from will include blocks, dramatic play, manipulatives, art, and books.
10:30 - 11 Bathroom Break/ Wash Hands/ Morning Snack
11 - 12 Outside Play/ Large Motor Activities- Children will spend time outside everyday unless it is raining or too cold. During outside play children will develop their gross motor skills while working with equipment, running, bicycling, kicking balls, or taking a walk. We will also spend time observing and talking about nature.
12- 12:15 Bathroom Break/ Wash Hands
12:15 - 1

Lunch- Clean up own dishes and put into tubs.

Bathroom Break/ wash Hands

1 - 1:30 Read Stories- Teachers put out cots for nap time.
1:30 - 3:30 Nap Time
3:30 - 4 Clean up cots/ Bathroom Breaks/Wash Hands

Outside Play (weather permitting)

Structured free play (indoors/outdoors)